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William Moseley. Charles Brand top pick.

Charles Brand is a 17 year old British teen. His father is a member of the British intelligence agency. His mother is the Queens assistant. They are not together. Charles is the former love interest of Kennedy Landers. He has to brothers and a sister (Calvin, James, and Diana). Charles is initally shown as a romantic, nice guy, but as the story goes on, his motives are questioned.

Charles dumps Kennedy for Alex after his spy mission in France. Alex later kills several Canadian spies and has Charles kidnapped. Once kidnapped, he is stripped of his clothes and chained to a wall behind bars. Alex and another French man work in this room. Kennedy kills the man and slowly kills Alex. She frees Charles and takes him to safety, meanwhile losing Misty.

Once Charles returns, he confesses that he is still in love with Kennedy and she ultimately rejects him. Kennedy is suspicious of Charles after this and refuses to make up with him despite what Hunter and Emma say.

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