Please use the edit button, and type some sort of identification, just so we know this is from a person, doesn't have to be valid whatsoever, and tell us what you think about our book. I do ask that you refrain from any cuss words, because thats just plain rude. But we would appriciate any form of advice you may have

lalalalalalalal- I think whoever wrote this is really good at wrighing but really bad at spelling!!! great job!!!

Wctl co-wrighter---- Thank you! I know, only my cousin can write, thats why all the kennedy parts are correct!!!

canman20404-wow. I was really confused at the begining, you might work on clearing things up a bit, but for the most part, good job.

yepitsququq-My favorite character is Hunter! Hes so stupid at times, but i love Kennedy for her braveness.

Wctl co-wrighter---Thanks for the advice canman, ive hear that before, and yepitsquququq, i love huner too. he's exctly like me. who are everyone else's favorite characters?

ibeiliveicanfly-#$%- I like kevin and robyn and them when they are betting on kennedy and charles. very original, not really, but still very funni!!


abcvffffffooosoepf- i like emma and hunter together.

awesomeperson897- i hate hunter. hes such a fake

Wctl- wow, thank you "awesome person" but seriously, lets see you write a three hundred page story in two months.

awesomeperson897-im sorry, it's good, but you wanted my opinion.

kookoo32- i love Kenney!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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