Emma Watson as Emma Wilkins

Emma Wilkins is a petit young warrior who snaggs the heart of teenage accomplice Hunter lansing. She was born in Aylsham, a town in England. She has two siblings, Johnny and Meredith, and Micheal, a cousin with leprosy. Her dad is deceased. Later in the book, while she and Hunter are visiting her town, she finds everyone but Johnny dead on the floor of her bedroom. Kennedy Landers is Emma's best friend, and they tell each other everything.

Her wepon of choice is a small handgun, as oposed to a larger shotgun. She is described as "graceful. light on her feet". She killed a suffering boy who was at first was a part of the group, until poisoned by Emma with rat killer.

Her and Hunter got together on a train from France to Italy. They broke up for a short time on a boat headed for Greece, and again on a boat later on after jumping off a crashing plane. Both times were over quickly

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