For those of you who are on this site, you must be terribly confused. Allow me to introduce myself. I am the co-author of this book series, We Chose to Live. Me and my cousin have been writing as two different people sharing their expirences of a modern day world war two. Okay, for you to understand where i'm coming from, listen to these few things. One, the rough draft of the first book in the series, As We Fall, is not complete. What we have up is just the first eight or so non-edited chapters. But as im typing this, [September 2011] we are almost done with the first book. It's prettty funny though, we [my cousin and I] will send our parts to each other, with everything spelling correctly, but I always opted out of doing that, so guess who gets to read through all three hundred or so pages checking for all that stuff? Me. Yes thank you, i really appriciate it. Anyway, when you look through all these pages, you will find that we have put up pictures of actors to potray the characters in "the movie", but thats just a better way of having an idea of what each character looks like. And it wasn't my idea. You might also know that there isnt a picture for the two main characters, and thats so you as readers can imagine them as you choose. If you decide to check up on our website, you will begin to find more of our story up on the site, and eventually the whole edited thing. And alwell, we would like to announce the title for the next book is almost officaily named All We Know. But that could very well change, but just so you know. I have to give credit though, to my cousin for being such a great wrighter. If it wasn't for him we wouldn't have a book at all. Plus he's a great speller, so thats good. But after you read this and is still intrested, you can go explore the other pages, starting with kennedy Landers, or Hunter Lansing. And then on to other pages. Type in, Here's a rough draft of our story, in the search box, to get a preview of our book.

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