ok. Here's the first like, what? eight chapters? idk, but keep in mind that you will be hearing from the sides of two different people. please don't say anything negative, for i will cry. thank you :D!!!!!

Chapter 1


It’s amazing how different you feel once you have blood on your hands. It isn’t the same as being dirty. Its as if the dirt and grime has somehow managed to get beyond the skin. The blood is no longer on you, but within you. And it will be within you for all of eternity.

The First life was on the day that everything changed. It was in Paris, of course. We were all gathered. All of the Promising Children. All one thousand of us. I was one of seventy five from Australia and New Zealand. I was mingling with some of the children from England and The United States.

They called us all together, and we took our seats. I was assigned a spot with seven others. I had only met one of them before, Robyn Masters. The other six I didn’t know. I didn’t know it then but those seven people would become such a big part of my life.

The American, Hunter Lansing, The Brits, Emma Wilkins and Charles Brand, The Canadians, Robyn Masters and Kevin Kynes, The Irishman, Lucas Stevensen, The Greek, Marcus Amphers. They have become so important to me, so essential in my life. I have been through so much with each of them.

We were dinning; I remember the exact meal, a lamb chop served with a plum sauce over steamed rice. An amazing meal. I can still taste it, it was one of my last good meals, but sorry I’m getting beside myself. I remember thinking about the beautiful glass wine glasses each of our drinks were served in, it’s funny because, well, you’ll see.

Then the bomb went off. I heard shrieks and screams, breaking glass and shattered plates. It was mass chaos. I saw a piece of shrapnel enter Lucas’s body. I looked around and saw nothing but horror. Then another, possibly even more unusual thing happened. Men in black began sliding down ropes through the broken glass ceiling in the Louvre.

I looked at the other Seven, “Let’s get out of here!” Someone screamed. I made eye contact with the American, Hunter, and he helped me pick up Lucas, who by then was unconscious and losing blood quickly from a gash just above his left eye. We ran to the exit. At one point Marcus takes from me.

We make it to the door when a man in black stops us. “You aren’t going anywhere” He says, very dramatically I may add. Hunter tries to push through, but only gets a face full of fist. He tries again and gets thrown on the ground. This guy knew how to fight. I turned to my left, and saw another guest table. The bomb had been closer to these guys than it was in our table in the corner of the room. All eight lay dead.

Twenty or Thirty kids ran around the tables in panic, but they’re numbers were dropping as the men in black either captured or shot them. I look back at the table and once again notice the wine glasses, but now instead of on the table one lay smashed on the floor. It was inches away and with a jagged rim. I had an idea. I grabbed the glass and turned back to the scene.

Charles and Hunter were still valiantly fighting the man in black and he hadn’t noticed me. I pushed past the boys and with a puzzled look from the man, I thrust the glass into the approximant area of his heart. He immediately fell to the ground, where I knelt over him, and pulled the glass out.

The remains of the actual glass was gone, and I only held a red glass spear. I took that spear and thrust it into his neck. There was no way he could survive that. I then got up, went to the table, and grabbed a handkerchief, which I used to wipe My hands. I then walked in my fancy evening gown out the door, with my seven accomplices trailing behind.


As I look down to my palm, seeing the awful scar ripping across my flesh, it takes me back to the day. The Day that changed my life forever. The day of the attack.

I have a similar scar on my head, like below my eye, that one almost blinded me, if only it had managed a few more centimeters in height.

Right now I only remember bits and pieces. But they come to me more and more with each passing day. Post-traumatic stress disorder is what they call it.

Here’s what I can tell you.

We were eating. Something good and hot. Then there was a loud crashing noise, then screaming. I remember vaguely what was going on around me for those first few seconds. I just remember being frozen, paralyzed of a kind. Then snapping back into the reality.

Running, with a heavy hurt guy, for a reason I couldn’t recall at the time, just thinking one thought. Run. Then it’s all blurry up until being thrown to the ground. Then the pain, the pain was horrible. I found blood pouring from my palm and under my eye. The other boys were still holding there ground, but unsuccessfully against the jackass that had knocked me off my feet. I tried as best I could to get up, feeling an overwhelming urge to vomit. But still managing a punch here and there.

Then the girl, the girl who’s name I couldn’t remember at the time, she shoved passed us and launched a shattered wine glass at the man. In his heart, and his neck.

The moment I realized he was dead was when I realized that I needed to run. And that’s what we did. We ran to a house that was about a half a mile down from the museum. Then we broke in. we found the back door unlocked, the estate vacant.

We took what we found. Clothes and food. Somehow without saying the words, we all knew that something went terribly wrong back at the museum, but it was no coincidence. Someone was after the promising children. For a reason no one knew.

“turn on the tv.” That girl Robyn had said to me.

I flipped it on and saw my face.

Chapter 2


It wasn’t until we broke into the house that the adrenaline faded and I began to remember the night. I saw myself kill the man over and over. At one point I heard them talking downstairs, but I didn’t care. I sat in fetal position in the shower of the master bath, letting the water pour onto me. Hoping that eventually it would cleanse my blood stained hands.

I heard the tapping of shoes on the tile floor. I looked and saw Robyn, the Canadian girl who had been my roommate for the world tour, and I had become very close to. We had known each other already, for my father, an Australian businessman, worked alongside hers as the Southern Hemisphere leader of they’re company. For the past month of the Promising Children tour, we had been together almost always. When many of the girls became homesick, it was Robyn who they came to.

I was amazed how strong she had been last night, because while I was murdering in cold blood, she had taken the shrapnel, a fork to be exact, out of Lucas’ wound.

“Lucas is still unconious”


“Hunter had glass in his hand. Emma is balling. Charles just punched out the tv in the bedroom. Kevin’s doing OK. Marcus is tending to Lucas.”




“I had that Blonde American, What’s his name again?”


“Yes him, I had him turn on the tv.”

I had to laugh, That was the last thing I would have done.

“Why? To make sure your pick on the Bachelor didn’t get voted off?”

Robyn laughed, and I felt slightly better, more like myself. Then her face hardend.

“They think it was us.”


“They saw the bodies, only 16 weren’t there. They think we did it. They think the 16 people who’s bodies weren’t there had some sort of plot. They think we killed those thousand kids.”

At that point, I stood. Turned off the water and gave Robyn my hand. I walked into the closet, seeing womans clothes, some tighter close near my size. I changed into all black then noticed a safe. It was cracked. I smiled a sly smile and opened it up. There were $16,000 American dollars. I took it all. Then opened a door and found a handgun and shells. I picked it up, loaded it and pocketed the bullets.

Then I looked at Robyn.

“Well then, I guess we did”


When I saw my face, followed quickly by some of the others that were with me, my first thought wasn’t that I saw my face, but some strangers that I never met before.

“Oh my god. They think we did it don’t they?” Kevin asks. I nod.

“We have to go. They will be here at any time.” I yell.

“who.” They all ask.

“Whoever wants us dead. Or the police. Or both.” I answered.

“go and get Kennedy” i add. I look desperately around for a bat, or knife, anything I can use to defend myself. I come up with a large cooking knife, and a bunch of smaller knife I disperse to the others.

Kennedy and Robyn come rushing down with a bag a ten minutes later. I’m wondering what took them so long, when I see a backpack.

“Is that necessary?” I ask.

“$16,000 dollars? Yes I would consider that necessary” Kennedy answers. She, like all of us, had searched the house in and out for clothes. All of us had found something other than suits and ball gowns.

“We have to go. Anywhere but here. We need to leave the country-“I began to say. The headline from the TV snaps my attention back to it.

“The most wanted people in France.” The lady says, showing all of our faces. “They are wanted dead or alive. Reward 1 million dollars.”

“They want us dead, but who? Surly not the people of France? Those guys? What did they have to do with it? Have they influenced the country? Or is something else going on?” I ask.

“Remember, you, the citizens of France, you are the future of the world. After we have disposed of all of the promising children left. We will begin our plan of taking out our fellow countries politicians. Then the world will be ours. Goodnight France!” the new lady says. Then the TV goes black. I turned it off.

“okay, knowing what we are dealing with, we know need to leave the country-“ I begin.

“Wait. My Friend just texted me. She asked me why I was on the most wanted list in Canada.” Robyn says. “I think we are wanted by the whole world. France may be the country that wants to take over the world, but they aren’t the only ones wanted us dead.”

I start to answer, but loud crash takes my attention. Then from all directions, people with guns start to raid the house.

Chapter 3


We were talking, making plans to leave the country I think. Then there was crashing noises. I heard gunfire and glass breaking. More of the men in black. Obviously French, now that I noticed they’re stupid moustaches. I didn’t hesitate. I pulled out the handgun. My father taught me about guns. He was a gun nut and it had rubbed off on me.

I gripped it hard turned and fired at the man who had grabbed Emma. He fell to the ground. I turned and shot another man, who had a knife in his hand. Then it was Hunter’s turn to do something surprising. He grabbed the knife and threw it perfectly into another man’s head. Marcus seemed to have some hand-to-hand training. I’d have to ask about that later.

Emma, who was still in her 4” heels, took them off and used the oddly sharp heels as weapons. When the first wave was taken care of she put them back on. Then more men came. She kicked one in the head, and he was dead before he hit the ground. Robyn, had obviously kept looking in the safe after I had gone to find a backpack, pulled a shotgun out of her pack. She cocked and shot several times.

Lucas lie passed out on the table oblivious. Charles had landed some devastating kicks on many of the men. Kevin fished around in the kitchen. The second wave was taken care of. Kevin came back to us presenting a box of matches, a lighter, and a can of fuel, like you would put under a grill.

“Wait” I said. I ran back up the Stairs. I went to the safe and found another pistol and many more bullets. I threw them in my bag. I found 3 more bags and stuffed them with clothes about the sizes of the others. I ran back down, four packs in hand. I gave the duffel with men’s clothes to Hunter and the large purse with women’s clothes to Emma. Robyn’s bag had some clothes and her gun and shells I assumed. Mine had the same. I gave the third gun and pack to Charles. It had underclothing.

I had another bag and went to the kitchen. I stuffed cans and bags of food into it. I also put water bottles in it. I turned and looked at Lucas for the first time. He was pale and had many scratches and cuts. There was a bloody bandage on his arm. I felt his heartbeat. It was slow. I had a terrible thought. Should we leave him here? We can’t take him on the train. Then Emma showed her strength for the second time. She walked to the pantry and found rat poisoner. She opened Lucas’ mouth and shoved it in. His heart stopped 37 seconds later.

I admired Emma. She was petit and graceful. She had probably never had to see anything dead. I lived on a farm, even though my father was successful and originally American. I’d seen roo’s caught in the fence and dogs who had been attacked by dingo’s. It was awful and I hated it, but it made this moment easier.

Emma walked over to the others, grabbed her bag and walked out the door. Kevin let the fuel leak. I found gasoline and diesel in the garage and spread it throughout the house. I lead a trail to where they were waiting. We walked away as Kevin lit a match. He dropped it and ran to where we were. The gas lead to the tank and would explode when the fire reached it.

Twenty seconds later, it did. Our first group fatality was in that burning building.


The girls, Emma and Kennedy and Robyn were surprisingly experienced fighters. They sure held their own in the battle. I couldn’t help feeling a little turned on by there braveness

We walked. Ran, actually. To the train station.

“tous à bord pour le train de 1h00 à Bari!” I hear over the intercom. Not that I excel in I speaking French, but I learn as I go. We find our train, taking up 7 seats, me and Charles sit across from Emma and Kennedy. Kevin, Robyn, and marcus take seats across the isle.

“So, going to Bari? Then getting on a boat going to…how do you pronounce it?” Said Emma.

“Athinas” said Marcus “My uncle has a villa on the coast. He is sending a boat to Bari to pick us up.”

Kennedy stares out the window at the French countryside.

“I’m going to my bed. I’m going to try and get some sleep. It’s been a long night.”

She walks to the sleeping quarters.

“I’m going to go talk to her” announces Charles a few minutes later.

Eventually, Marcus and Kevin go to their beds. Robyn falls asleep in her seat, and it’s just me and Emma. I begin talking, to try and cheer her up.

“That was pretty cool what you did at the house.”

“Thanks. You too.”

I move across the table and sit by her.

“Are you… Are you okay?” I ask

With that, she lets down her strong gates, and falls apart. She burst in to tears. I put my arm around her in comfort. Thirty or so minutes later, the crying stops.

“I never liked Polo.” She says finally

“And why is that?” I say with a laugh

“It was too rough, I wouldn’t even go to matches. It horrified me. I was scared my brother would get injured. Hunter. I don’t think I can do this. I’m no soldier. We can’t just hide. I killed our friend a few hours ago. And a man I’d never met before. Am I a terrible person?”

She turns her beautiful blue eyes to mine and waits for my answer. My hesitation brings a whole new round of tears. But that’s not how I meant it.

“You aren’t a terrible person. I killed just as many men today as you did. I assumed they were wrong and we were right, simple as that. What if they had a good reason for fighting us? Those men’s families are probably devastated now, because of me.”


When our eyes met, it happened, I leaned into her, she leaned into me, and our lips touched. It was amazing, Energy flowed through me, I wanted more, but I needed air. I only pulled away for a second, and when I did, I noticed Robyn was awake.

We both looked at her, and laughed awkwardly. She stood up and walked back to where the others were. I looked back to Emma.

“Oh Bloody hell.” She said.

Chapter 4


I walked back to my bed and laid there. Had I really thought that I could sleep? It was a dumb thing to think, after what we’d been through. After what I assume was a few minutes later, I heard a noise.

“Kennedy? Are you awake?” A whisper.


I pulled open the curtains and saw Charles. I was surprised. I hadn’t been able to identify him by his whisper, and had expected Robyn.

“Would you like to sit?” I asked, moving my legs to make a space at the end of the bed. I kicked mine over the edge and he sat next to me. We sat like this in silence for quite some time.

“I’ve killed six men in the past 24 hours. Out of all of you guys, I only knew Robyn well before that. I hadn’t met you until a month ago, and now, I think we are going to be together a lot. I will probably never go back home, and if I do, I’m never leaving.”

Charles looked at me.

“Kennedy, I’ve known you for a month. I’ve had probably ten conversations with you, and I’ve seen you at your worst. But I know that you are probably the coolest girl in the world. I wouldn’t want to be world fugitives with anyone else.”

With a lone tear in my eye, I look at him. I see his eyes. They are a deep blue, the kind of blue that puts you on a sailboat, with the ocean waves crashing onto you. Not in an evil, sinister way, but in a gentle, nurturing way, as if the waves a trying to caress you softly. His eyes were safe.

He lifts my chin and leans into me. I accept him, and kiss him back. It is a soft, gentle kiss, much like his eyes. Somehow that amazes me, that soft, gentle kiss held more passion than any other kiss I’ve ever been given. I wish I could stay there with him forever.

Then Charles pulls away. He picks me up and lays me on my bed. He tucks me in like a child, and plants one more soft kiss on my lips.

“Goodnight Kennedy.”

Charles goes to the bed below mine and falls asleep slowly. I lay thinking about him, and how he made me feel. So safe and warm. I hear the others come to bed, talking.

Marcus and Kevin have a short conversation about soccer, and I soon realize Hunter, Robyn, and Emma aren’t among them. Thirty minutes later, Robyn shakes my bed.

“What?” I say a little harshly

“Oh, sorry.” She says “You won’t believe what just happened”


“I caught Emma and Hunter… you know.”

I laugh, though she wouldn’t understand why.

I hear a noise that is obviously the other two coming to bed. I see Emma’s arms crossed. Hunter walks a few steps over. I laugh again.


The kiss is the only thing I’ve ever shared with Emma. But it was enough for the insides in me to start screaming, like say, okay i know this isn’t the most romantic thing ever, but it’s like when you are hungry, starving, thirsty, or maybe even when you have to pee. A dying need.

After I kissed Emma, all I could keep my thoughts on was the feeling inside me hungry for more of Emma’s love. The adrenaline rush came immediately. I almost crawled into her lap and begged for more like a two year old at a candy store. But that could have led to something more. Something dangerous. So I pulled away, like a thirsty athlete being dragged away from the water fountain before the quenching took place. It was one of the most painful things I had ever done. Right next to killing, though that one I never gave a second thought to at the time.

So we sat uncomfortably alone, while Robyn, who we had found watching us, was probably telling the whole group. We stared out the windows in silence. Then sometime around 1:15 we all went to bed with no real intention of sleeping. Just anything to kill the awkward silences.

When morning rolled around again, we find a small table set with yogurt pop-tarts and coffee. We don’t turn up our noses. Pop tarts are cool, I can dig it.

We ditch the train and find Marcus’ uncle waiting at the bay where he said he would.

“Hi, I’m Jesse. We will probably arrive down at Athinas in about half a day.” He says. I groaned quietly. Don’t tell anyone, but no one gets more sea-sick than me. It’s the sorry truth.

“Hunter, i-“Emma says, coming up behind me, I’m on the way down to the rooms under the deck.

“Yes?” I ask more innocently than she would believe.

“I wanted to talk to you. About last night. I really like you, but I’m not sure I’m ready for that kind of-“

I lean in and kiss her so hard she can’t pull away. She likes it too much. I really couldn’t decide if that impulse was the right choice or the wrong choice. Or if I was sane when I did it.

She doesn’t pull away; she shoves me in to a wall. Not harmfully, but in a romantic way, she lifts her knees off the ground and I’m holding her, she starts climbing me in a way, sort of working her way up to something. Then she lets me drop her, she pulls me down to the ground and we roll over each other, me on top, then her, then before we begin to work our way in to the bathroom before very adult things start to happen, we both pull away.

Chapter 5


The others were all below deck. I’d heard a rumor that Hunter and emma were making out again. Seemed a little soon I thought, but hey, whatever floats they’re boat. I held the rails and looked at the sea, and although I’m not proud, pretended I was the girl on the titanic. After a while, Charles came.

My heart fluttered when I saw him. He had blond hair in curls and blue eyes and big lips. He came and stood by me.

“Kennedy?” he said at last

“Yes?” I said back too anxiously.

“We need to talk about last night. I think I was being irrational and that I got ahead of myself. We should just be friends. Is that okay with you?”

I looked at him, and could tell how hard of a decision this had been for him.

“No.” I say finally


“No” I say again “We just got bombed, were forced to kill, and now are going to some village in Greece, I sure as heck deserve to get my dream guy somewhere in there.”

His soft lips form a smile

“Dream guy eh?” he smiles

“At least so far” I say back

Then his lips are on mine and I feel alive. He has his hands on my waist, and is in no way pushing me towards anything more. I hear someone saying something and someone laughing, along with someone groaning.

I look around and see Kevin, Robyn and Marcus. Robyn has cash in her hands and is smiling, Kevin looks sad, and Marcus looks defeated. It doesn’t take any time for me to put the scene together.

“ Robyn ,what the hell?” I say

“Sorry Ken. I had to!” She says back

I grab Charles by the hand and lead him downstairs. Marcus high-fives Kevin, and Robyn hands them a small portion of her money.

“Go get ‘em Charlie boy” they call down.

I see emma and hunter kissing passionately on the chair in one of the rooms.

We go into the lounge room and each take a seat.

“I have no brothers or sisters” I say “My mum is an attorney and my dad is the president of the southern hemi for his company. Robyn’s father is the president of the northern hemi. That’s how we know each other. My mum’s an Aussie, but my dad’s American. He moved to Melbourne for his job and met mum. They got married and bought land outside the city.”

“I have two brothers and a sister” He says “Calvin, James, and Dianne. My mother is an associate to the Queen. My father owns an art museum in London. They met in the museum when my grandfather owned it.”

I smile at him. He had a great smile. He was wearing a flannel oxford and blue jeans along with loafers. He had a messenger bag with clothes and a gun. I heard a noise from down the hall, and Emma and Hunter come into the room.

I looked at Emma and made eye contact. I thought that in the past month, I’d become pretty close to Emma. We hung out a lot. Emma, Me, and Robyn, that’s what it had been, but frankly, I didn’t think I knew Emma quite as much as I thought I did.


When are done kissing, we walk in the bedroom and find Kennedy and Charles sitting across from each other.

We were making out in the front bedroom. They must have seen.

“You guys having fun?” he asks.

“Yeah man!” I say behind a hand.

“Sexist much?" kennedy says.

“okay.” I say. “Is there a plan?”

“I’m sorry I can’t talk to you after you just made out with my friend" Kennedy says.

“Yeah, by the way, I need to talk to you about that.” Emma says, giving me a glare that takes a laugh from Charles. He stands and takes Kennedy’s hand and they walk out with skeptical and longing looks.

“Okay what was that?” Emma asks when we are each other’s only company.

“What? Wait you aren’t trying to pin this on me are you? Yeah, you didn't want to cross the line into kissing, but we are meant for each other" I say.

“Us kissing makes this one night crush real" she says "I don't want it to be real"

“Okay, I’m sorry...wanna makeout again?” I ask. She glares at me and slaps me in the face. “I’m sorry. What did you want to talk to me about?”

“What I said earlier, about us just being friends, I meant it.” She says and walks out on me.

I stand alone, in the dark room, resisting the urge to barf.

It doesn’t take long for the tears to come, silently but surely. At least twenty minutes later, Charles and Marcus come in. Charles has tears in his eyes. I did over hear some yelling.

“What happened? Emma seemed peeved off.” Marcus said.

“I don’t know if we were actually going out, though we did make out, passionately. but she broke things off with me. I really liked her.” I say, wiping my pathetic tears angrily from my eyes.

At that exact moment, Emma came in the doorway.

Chapter 6


I was mad. Charles walked to steps ahead of me and I pulled my hand away. He turned around. I slapped him in the face.

“What the bloody heck was that?” I ask


“That little guy fest in there. You pig. Are you going to try Hunters’ crap on me? What happened to you? I don’t like you because you’re like Hunter! I sure as heck don’t like you because I want to make out. you know what Charles? We are done! Go try your crap on some other girl!”

I stormed away, furious. I didn’t look back. I went down the hall and made it to the bathroom before the tears came. I locked the door. When I gathered my strength, after a fifteen minute meltdown, I left the bathroom.

I see Emma leave the bedroom, she turns the corner and starts the tears. I rush to her and wrap my arms around her. She accepts my hug, and I lead her to the bathroom. After ten minutes, she starts to talk.

“I said we should just be friends.”

“What?” I say back

“I said we should just be friends, that we shouldn’t do anything else.” She said.

“What? Why?” I ask

“I don’t know, it seemed like what I should do.” She said


“He probably already got everything he wanted anyway.”

“Yeah. That’s why I ended it with Charles.” I say

She looks up at me. “What?”

“Yeah, I thought he was going to try to go farther, I didn’t want that. I screamed at him.”

“Kennedy, I need to tell you something.” She says

“Okay, what?” I reply

“I talked to Charles, on the train. I couldn’t sleep. He told me about you guys. He’s genuine, I know it. I’ve known him my whole life. He’s a head over heels romantic. He’s not trying that.”

“Oh.” Is all I can say.

“I…I need to go talk to him.” I said finally.

“Yeah, I’m going to go talk to Hunter.” She says.

I head up to the deck and see Robyn and Kevin.

“Ken, what did you do? Charles came up here balling. He and Marcus just went down to find Hunter. He just now stopped crying. You hurt him bad.”

“I…” I managed. My thoughts were racing. He really did like me.

“I… need to find him.” I raced down stairs, and found Emma eavesdropping outside the door.

“What are you doing?”

“Hunter’s crying.”

“Oh. Go in there.” I say

She turns the corner into the room. I assume she looks and Marcus and Charles, because here next words are “Can we have some privacy?”

Charles comes out, and then Marcus. Charles sees me and says “Kennedy? What are you doing?”

I look at Marcus.

“Yeah, I got it.” He says.

I look at Charles and put my hands on his shoulders, stand on my tiptoes, and kiss his lips. After a moment of surprise, he kisses back.

“I’m sorry” I say, and then kiss him again.


I rise slowly. “Emma, I…” I began

“don’t say anything, just listen to me!” she says rather harshly.

“you are kind. I know that. But you showed me that you can also be very sexist. I don’t want to be dating someone who disrespects me.” She says.

“I wont be!” I swear like a six year old.

“I want a guy who understands me, and knows when to shut up”

“and I want…you” I say then lean in and kiss her. Lightly, not threating to cross the line into a make out scene

We might have done that for 3 seconds m before she pulls away.

“what do you want to do?” she asks.

“be with you” I say then kiss her lightly one more time.

Me and emma quit and decide the best thing to do is to get to know each other more.

“so what do you do in England? Like on spare time?” I ask.

“I love fishing. Its kind of a thing me and my dad used to do… before he died.” She says.

“Oh my god, are you okay?” I ask.

“Yeah, it was like eight years ago.” She reassures me.

I kiss her. Lightly, but enough.

“What about you?”

“I like to surf. Like in the ocean.” I say

“I’m British, not stupid.” She replies.

“Oh are you?”

“Yeah, what’s your excuse?”

“You.” I whisper before I kiss her, hard and long.

“umm, guys?”

Chapter 7


I hated interrupting Hunter and Emma, I really did. Ha-ha, who am I kidding! The look on their faces! Priceless! Emma’s eyes bugged out and she made a face like “what the heck" Hunter had a blush redder than the tomatoes that we grow in the fall.

“We’re here.”

“Oh.” Said Emma

I left. I wanted to find Charles. After we made up, we talked for a while, and I apologized for PMS-ing at him like that. We had our own little gooey scene, and then we went upstairs to the others. After about an hour, we got to Athinias. I went down to get Emma and her little Surfer boy.

We got off the boat and Uncle jesse's as he had told us to call him, led us to his Range Rover. I don’t know what Uncle Jesse did for a living, but he got by. It was an hour drive to his villa, and everyone was amazed, well except for the always humble Uncle Jesse and Marcus. He led us to the secret basement, with a kitchen a living area a bathroom with a shower, and 2 bedrooms.

Robyn, Emma, and I shared the bedroom that had three twin beds. Hunter, Kevin, Charles and Marcus’s bedroom had two bunk beds. I never quite understood why Uncle Jesse had a secret basement, which was near impossible to find if you didn’t know where it was, or why he had seven beds down there, but oh well. We were grateful.

In the two months we were at Uncle Jesse's we never came out of the basement, and Uncle Jesse brought us groceries once a week. After two months, we all became very close. On several occasions, Charles and I became closer, though never crossing the line.

One day, our 68th day at Uncle Jesse's we heard screaming upstairs, and then a gunshot. I didn’t hesitate. I ran to the closet where are packs were stored and got out the guns. I handed one to Charles, one to Hunter, and kept the third, a pistol. I climbed the ladder and came out the step. I sneaked own the stairs. Around the corner, seven men in black were raiding the house. Uncle Jesse's body lay in a pool of blood.

“Marcus, go into the basement.” I whisper

“What? No.” He whispers back

I couldn’t let him see the body. I wouldn’t let him.

“Marcus, now. Get in the basement.” I whispered, insistent.

He climbed the ladder reluctantly.

I round the corner completely and fire, then duck behind a plant, before even seeing if I hit.

I heard Charles cock his shotgun and fired 3 rounds. Two guys go down.

Kevin, for some reason I never understood, tried to come to me, but the men were looking our way. The five of them fired, and Kevin fell to the ground. I stood and shot, two, three, four times. Three men are hit. Two fall to the ground. One keeps firing. Hunter, summons his strength and runs out, gun blazing. The other three are down in seconds.

Hunter, who in the past two months had become very close to Kevin, sank to his knees by his friend’s side. Kevin, in his dying moments turned his head to Hunter. The color in his face was gone. He spoke in such a way that I could barely hear him.

“Go.” He said. That’s all he said. He couldn’t have possibly said more.


One time me and Kevin got shaving cream and when Kennedy and Charles were cuddling on the bed, we snuck in behind them and sprayed them. They got so mad, but couldn’t help laughing. It looked like a blizzard.

Another time together, we rigged the microwave to where if anyone tried to open it, they would get a face full of chicken pot pie. Robyn was the victim of that practical joke.

We weren’t uncle jesses favorite people in the world, but what were supposed to do? Besides slowly working my way up to again making out with Emma.

The thing is, Kevin and I had become best friends, and partners in crime. That’s why when Kevin died, I could hardly stand it. I fell to the ground feeling unusually nauseated. He spoke his last words to me, wanting me to go.

We took the bodies of Kevin and Jesse and rested them in the master bedrooms.

Then grabbed a very confused Marcus then we ran. The woods in the back of Uncle Jesse's house were very secluded. We decided to use them as a detour to get to the airport. If they would even let us in. We are the most wanted people in the world.

Though In our favor was the fact that we had all taken hats.

Marcus kept asking questions. He didn’t know that Uncle jesse was dead. He did know that Kevin is dead. He had read between the lines. Why else would Kevin not be here. We told him to shut up and run.

“Hunter?” Emma asks me. We are hand in hand.

I swallow my sorrow and answer “Yes?”

“Are you okay?”

“I am”

“Are you sure”

I look at her, barley sweating though we have been running for a while now. “No. I’m not okay. My best friend just got killed. I’m not okay. But that doesn’t matter right now. There will be time to break down and cry later.”

She nods and we keep going, trailed by Kennedy and trailing Robyn and Charles. Marcus was bringing up the rear.

We bust out of the woods a few minutes later and find ourselves behind an old shopping center.

“Okay guys, we need to split up, me and Emma and Robyn will go this way. We meet up at the airport. We fly to America tonight.

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