Hunter is the easy going surfer boy with a twist. He has the sense of humor of a seventh grader, but the mind of a full grown killer.

He and Emma are true lovers conquering everything from sea-sickness to flying bullets. He and charles have a mild friendship, weakened by the stunt with French spy 'alex'. Hunter was good friends with kevin kynes before he was killed. He and Kennedy have what he calls a 'love/hate relationship', where he and her are considered co-leaders.

He was born and raised in Miami Florida, with siblings, Justin and Leah. He is known to be wealthy and own heart shaped boxers purchased my soul mate, Emma.

Emma and Hunter have broken up twice, both times didnt last very long, and both on boats.

After escaping a country on a train, nerves got to Emma and caused the couple a few minutes of heartbreak. then later on, after attempting to fly a plane over the ocean, the couple has a near fistfight ending shortly after it started.

Kennedy Landers and Hunter are the Co-Leaders of the group. Hunter and Charles Brand have never been great friends. Hunter and Spencer McDowell are friends but not great ones. Hunter and Kevin Kynes were best friends until his death.

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