Kennedy Landers is a 16 year old Australian. Her father is a buisness man who is very high up in his company. Not much is known about her mother. She is a skilled markswoman, as taught by her father.

It's is apparent that Kennedy Landers is a Co-Leader of the group, along with Hunter Lansing. She was in a relationship with Charles Brand, until he spied in France, and fell in love with Alex, who she later killed. She is currently in a relationship with Spencer McDowell.

Robyn Masters was her best friend, until her death. Since then, Emma has become her best friend, and she is very close to Hunter. Kennedy is very headstrong and persistant. She organized the sabotage of the plane where Robyn was killed. She takes Robyn's death personally, and believes that it was her own fault. She rescued Ciao and discovered Marcus' leaving, along with his return. Kennedy very much did the rescue of Charles on her own, killing the man and Alex by herself.

She is not terribly outgoing, but isn't shy. She isn't terribly funny either. Kennedy, as well as the others, was diagnosed with mild depression. Kennedy is one of the best planners in the group, and a very good stratigist. She is a strong fighter and a very good thinker. It is hinted that she may have slight anger issuses, because she often gets into fights with other members of the group, and she killed Alex in a very vengeful way, rather than by just shooting her.

She didn't know Lucas very well, but was still effected by his death. She was closer to Kevin Kynes, but they weren't great friends. She and Robyn Masters were best friends, until her death, and she is still being effected by it. She felt more pity for Marcus Amphers, because his death would have been avoided, had he not run away. Misty Crocks and her were close, but her death mainly reminded her of Robyn.

Emma Wilkins and Kennedy are best friends who basically tell each other everything. Hunter Lansing and Kennedy are Co-Leaders and very good friends, who make plans and control the group. Ciao and her are not very close and hardly even speak. Charles and Kennedy's relationship is very complicated. Kennedy doesn't seem to have feelings to Charles, but when Charles returned from being rescued, he confessed his love. After their break up, Kennedy was synical and hesitant to even rescue him. Kennedy and Spencer are in a relationship. Spencer is very romantic, and Kennedy is a little more down to earth. They have been intamate and are very close.

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