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Christian Alexander as Marcus Amphers

Marcus was a greek teen who was an original member. His Uncle, Jesse, allowed them to stay in his basement. Jesse was eventually killed. Marcus went on with the group until they were in Canada about to leave for Tokyo. Marcus left only to later return because of a phone call from his family, saying that his parents are divorced and his brother hates him.

when he returned Hunter Lansing was suspicious of him being a spy and was questioning him. Marcus was upset and was caught checking in to a hotel when they made it to Tokyo. He was hurt during interrogation, but was rescued and taken back to Canada where his Fatal wounds killed him.

Marcus was closest to Robyn Masters. He left before any of the new members joined, but met some of them in interrogation. Marcus and Hunter Lansing were the good friends, along with Charles Brand. Marcus always seemed to be somewhat jealous of Kennedy Landers leading them to a conflict in Canada.

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