Shanae Grimes as Robyn Masters

Robyn Masters was one of the two Canadian members of the group. She was originally best friends with Kennedy Landers, who had known each other the majority of their lives because of their fathers work. Robyn was generally quite, but was known to make bets (particularly with Kevin and.)

Robyn and Marcus were told by different members of the group that they should date, but as far as we know never did. Robyn was known as a good fighter and good with guns. Robyn was also known to be a good thinker. Robyn was very close to Emma Wilkins as well as Kennedy Landers.

During the raid of the Tokyo headquarters, after Ciao Cassiano had been rescued, Robyn boarded a plane to sabotage and jump off of. When she got on, she radioed to the rest of the group that she found 6 bombs with the names of large worldwide cities on them. The gang then saw an explosion in the sky. Later, Kennedy and Callie found the wreckage of a plane, and a burnt body of a girl. They assumed it was Robyn.

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