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Kennedy Landers was an Australian teen, with incredible potential. That is why she was chosen as a Promising Child. She didn't know that when she left for her One Month tour, that she'd never be safe again. She is faced with incredible hardships, finds love in all places, and has to learn one very important thing: When you are a Fugitive, you must Kill to Live.

Hunter Lansing was just your average incredibly wealthy American Teen, when he left for the Promising Children tour. Once he left, he knew he'd never be the same. When they are attacked, he and his new friends must face the inebidatble: They must run. Hunter will find love, lose hope, and face challenges harder than anything before in his life.

As We FallEdit

In the First Installment of the We Chose To Live trilogy, Seven teens find themselves in the middle of a quest for World Domination. Loosing and gaining members along the way, they find allies, love, and death at every corner. Narrated by Kennedy Landers and Hunter Lansing, As We Fall shows how little age matters, and how strong the most unsuspected people can be. This Violent, Jarring novel will be sure to leave you attached to the characters and their lives. You can never know what will happen and when it will. You'll be on the edge of your seat, and along for the ride. Please visit our Fresh from the authors page to get a better understanding of what this is all about, and when you have read through the rough draft on the page titled, Here's a rough draft of our story, go to the page titled,comments and suggestions

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